Sunday, May 16, 2010

Consistency of Application (Not)

To accomplish something as ambitious as writing a novel, you have to be committed:  your thoughts, your energies, your time.

I've got to make this post short, since I'm out of town right now, and am typing on a regular keyboard (which I can't use for too long without aggravating my arthritis).

I wrote about commitment back in February, but since then I've fallen off the commitment wagon.  I have become under-committed, de-committed, un-committed, anti-committed, pre-committed.  I haven't been working on my writing every day the way I should be.

Shame on me!

Okay, we all have to learn from our mistakes and stay positive in the face of failure and back-sliding, so enough wallowing and self-flagellation.    I'll get cracking again as soon as I get home to my happy-keyboard.  No, that's really not procrastination -- I need that keyboard.  In the meantime I'll use my writing time to figure out the plot conundrum my new novel is trying to block me with.

Happy trails and tales to you....


  1. Hi John!
    I'm having some commitment issues myself at the moment. And the timeing couldn't be worse. I've put my revisions on hold while I tend to life. If I had a specific deadline or a contract, things would be different. But I don't, so writing takes a backseat when things get crazy.

    Enjoy your trip!

  2. Did I seriously spell timing timeing? I guess I did. Add focusing issues to my commitment issues!