Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tossed in the Winds of Change

Winds shape the clouds, the trees, the land, the climate, the life.  One wind shapes another wind.  Winds create flow, change, and sometimes turmoil.  Flow, change and turmoil create winds of their own.

Breaths, waftings, currents, breezes, blows stiff and shrill, gales, turbulence, uplifts and chop make leaves dance, trees bend, dust obscure, snow fly, wires buzz and rain pelt.  We sense a change in the air.  Winds bring change, carry change, warn of it, spawn it, sweep all before it.  We speak of the "winds of change," but rarely of the "changes of wind."

Without wind, the wind of the soul, change, little would happen worthy of a story, little would happen worthy of a life.  Our characters are buffeted by winds; their responses, and the further stirrings they trigger are what make the reading interesting.  When they blow through our own lives we always have a choice of how to respond, just as we have a choice to make for our characters, though we may not want to make the same choices in both instances.

How are you dealing with the winds blowing through your life right now?

One word:  wings.

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